Dragon Slayers raise money for MND

I decided to raise some money for MND as this disease has affected my family in a big way. As I am a member of the Dragon Slayer’s MCC, I decided that at one of the bike rallies in the summer (in a field), we would have a bucket collection!

Group photo of the Dragon Slayers MCC presenting a cheque to Branch Secreatry Marian Dent

One of our members (Gordon) had just had a knee operation was using a mobility scooter, so we decorated it with MND balloons. He had the collection bucket on the front and went round the camp site collecting money using a toy gun! There was another collection bucket at the check in tent. Myself and my husband Ian went round the function room on the Saturday night shaking the bucket and everyone all put their hands in their pockets for us. It was a great night and we had a good chat and laugh. Altogether we raised £400!

— Angie Rendal

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