Great North Run 2019

This year’s Great North Run took place on Sunday 8 September – with some 250 or so runners (plus their supporters) making it one of the biggest days in the MNDA year.

Our runners are of all ages, from teen to well past retirement age, and they come in all shapes and sizes and levels of athleticism. For some the Run is rather like a morning workout. But for many, many others it is the culmination of months of training and hard physical effort.

All are motivated by an intense desire to rid the land of the cruel disease that is MND. Yet nonetheless Run is a joyful celebration of the work that is being done and of the people who are living with the disease. Our hospitality tent down in the charity village was a happy, sociable place where runners took refreshment and lingered to chat with others, as well as to rest aching limbs.

To all of you we say a heartfelt Thank You.

Photos of our runners, taken from the roadside, at the Finish and at the hospitality tent are now ready to go out to the respective individuals and groups, courtesy of Stephanie at National Office.

A selection of some 200 photos are now on display in our 2019 Gallery. Click on the thumbnail image to see a larger version and on the ‘expand’ icon (top right of the photo) to see it at maximum size.

Photo credits:
~  at the Finish:  Marian Dent
~  from the roadside:  Martin Riddle
~  at the hospitality tent:  Kevin Riddle



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