Liz Shipley’s Parting Message

 Liz Shipley on Harley Davidson with family

Well I guess that the fact this is being read is because I’ve lost the biggest and hardest fight of my life. That is my fight in living with Motor Neuron Disease.

I have however been very fortunate in that I’ve had huge support from my many friends and my family. I could thank you all personally but I’d hate to miss someone out and also we would be here all day!!!!

You all know who you are, you are all special and helped me in so many different ways and I know I couldn’t have done it without you. There have been many laughs along the way and it certainly hasn’t all been doom and gloom, so I want you all to remember the laughs.

There are however two people here who I have to mention and they are my dear children John and Lindsay. You are amazing and I’m hugely proud of your both and always will be. You gave me the strength to fight and I never gave up hope that through the dedication of the MND Association and the many doctors researching this illness that one day the cure for MND will be found.

I would like to put your minds at rest now, you don’t have to be ready to run when the music plays, it isn’t Cliff Richard! Firstly I couldn’t find just one song of his (I’ve too many favourites) and secondly, I didn’t want my funeral to be the first in which there was a quick getaway!

I was thinking of locking you all in so you’d have to listen to a Clff medley, but Lindsay assured me, that if I did, she’d find a way out!!!!

The music I’ve chosen is special to me and no matter how hard I looked, I couldn’t find another piece of music that said it better, or that meant so much to me and I know it will have a special place with my family due to a very special lady. My sister, Christine.


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