Sunderland cyclists go the long way home

Why did a group of 7 Sunderland cyclists take several days to cycle to, er, Sunderland?

Cyclists being sprayed with champagne

Arrival at Roker Marina

Answer: They started from Whitehaven, the west coast end of the celebrated Coast-to-Coast (C2C) cycling route. And on the way had to pass through large chunks of the rather hilly Lake District and battle their way over the Pennines. Admittedly they did not have to navigate their way across any glaciers or use pitons for the ascent of Hartside Height, but it was tough going all the same.

Eight started and all but one triumphantly reached the finishing point at Roker Marina on 25 July 2009, to dip themselves and their bikes ceremonially in the North Sea.

Group of cyclists cooling off in the sea

Cooling off

It was a great achievement, especially as none of the Magnificent Seven make any claim to be experienced cyclists.

They were welcomed by an enthusiastic and admiring group of some 30-40 friends and family members. Even the local council seemed to have organised a spectacular flypast specially for them. (Or perhaps that was just the Sunderland Air Show.)

Group photo of the Sunderland cyclists

The Magnificent Seven

The outcome is some serious fundraising for the fight against MND. As we write, Chris Conifey and his team are busy collecting in all their sponsorships.

To see more pictures of the Team’s arrival, go to:

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