The Girls Walking Guernsey for MND

As many of you may know myself and three friends (Susan Lamb, Lynn Rowley and Rachel Lamb) back in 2019 decided that we would do a sponsored walk around the perimeter of Guernsey, to raise funds and awareness of MND, (this is just one of several treks we have completed over the years for MND from the Inca Trail in Peru to trekking up mountains in Morocco and a couple of others in between). Well after the first airline going bust and two years of COVID we eventually got to travel to Guernsey in June of this year.

We started our walk in Guernsey’s capital St Peter’s Port. It was a very very wet and windy day, but with some grit and determination we started out on our walk. It was a hard day with lots of up and down very steep steps rocky paths and steep slops but the scenery was spectacular, lots of rough seas and clouds being rolled around the sky. It took us 4 hours to cover the 9 miles, that day and once we found our hotel at Saint’s Bay it was a very welcome sight.

Day two was brighter but still windy, however as the day went on the sun came out and the wind drop. Again the paths were very rocky and there were lots of steps to climb up and down. It was along nearly 14 mile trek which took us nearly 7 hours to complete and we welcomed the sight of our next overnight stop.

Day three was totally different, the wind dropped the sun was out and it was quite hot. Today was a shorter walk of 7miles and as we’d started up the other side of the island the land became flat, with stunning views of sandy beaches and crystal clear blue seas. We managed this 2hr 45mins (thanks to sergeant major Susan chivvying us on!). It was lovely to have the afternoon to explore the local area. There is plenty of history on the island so we weren’t short of interesting places to see.


Day four start very warm and just got hotter and hotter!! This was the final day making our back to St Peter’s Port around the top of the island. An 11mile walk, thankfully quite flat as the heat was relentless at times. We made it back to the start some 5 hours later. No one had any injuries, we hadn’t got too lost! And we had a great laugh throughout the whole time. Rachel however did have some fantastic blisters!!

Lynn, Rachel, Susan, and Marian

Many people sponsored us and we would like to express our sincere thanks to you all. People were very generous, even whilst we were waiting in Newcastle airport we were given a donation and on our last night we met a couple who had just lost their father to MND and they too gave us a donation and thanked us for raising awareness of this awful disease. Lots of people on Guernsey gave us support, we even made our way onto a local business Facebook page! We raised a grand total of £2733.94 which will be split evenly between the Tyne & wear Branch and the Northumberland group of the MND Association.

Once again – THANK YOU!!

– Marian Dent

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