The MND register of England, Wales and Northern Ireland

The MND register of England, Wales and Northern Ireland will be the first comprehensive source of information collected by experts about people living with MND and you can play a vital role in its development.

Pioneered by MND specialist Professor Ammar Al-Chalabi of King’s College London and Professor Kevin Talbot of Oxford University, the MND register aims to:

  • Collect information about people living with MND, to understand more about why certain people are vulnerable to the disease.
  • Find out precisely how many people currently have the disease and how this is changing over time.
  • Established where people with MND live, to help improve care in those areas.
  • Collect detailed information about the disease to detect patterns of change in incidence and outcomes.

How to join the MND Register

You can apply online at or ask about joining when attending your next clinic appointment.

If you have any questions please visit the website alternatively you can email or call Oxford 01865 227714 or KCL 0207 8485258.

Your local contact is Andy Hamilton on 0191 2081338

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