The Revelry and The Albino Crocodiles raise funds for MND

The Revelry and Albino Crocodiles combined in the Iona Club Hebburn to fund raise funds for MND on 8 September.

It was an amazing night. The bands where excellent playing to a full crowd. All their time was given for free to raise funds for MNDA.

A massive thank you to the Gareth Tufnell, Graeme Tufnell, Paul Lindsay Paul ‘Johna’ Johnston, Hamish Mancini and the rest of the fantastic Albino Crocodiles. The Revelry band members Mark Orange, Phil Brooks, Kevin Carter Richardson and Ian Adams.

A big thank you for Mark, Lynne and Amy Orange for organising the event and the raffle.

In total £1168 was raised for MNDA. None of this would have been possible without the help of every mentioned and those behind the scenes who were so kind in give their time freely and willingly.

We look forward to their next gig!

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