Total Warrior Run – David Heslop raises £345

On Saturday 2nd August my wife Claire and I took part in “Total Warrior” at Shap Abbey near Penrith. Total Warrior, billed as “The toughest 10k on Earth”, is test of strength, agility, stamina and most definitely mental toughness. I don’t know if anyone remembers the weather conditions of 2nd August, but it certainly lent itself to getting wet and muddy!

I had spent the whole year looking forward to taking part in the event as I was due to take part in it last year but had to pull out due to being in a car accident a few days before. Having had a chance to watch part of the course last year I had a decent idea of what to expect, but nothing would prepare me for the amount of mud we faced that day. And after being waist deep having to be pulled out at one point, I have to thank the other competitors for the camaraderie shown, making sure that teamwork triumphed over the obstacles and the elements.

The obstacles included “The Shocker” – running through a canopy of wires charged with 10,000 volts, jumping over a wall of fire dubbed “The Human BBQ”, “The Plunge” which meant being submerged in a skip filled with iced water and, not for the faint-hearted of men “The Ball Breaker” which was a wet and muddy balance beam!!!

As tough as it was, I felt like I owed it to those that had sponsored me to give it absolutely all I had. Initially I thought running in an MNDA vest may help to raise awareness and I’d decided to start a JustGiving page which I honestly thought may raise £50. I’m happy to report that through much gentle encouragement (pestering) of friends, family and twitter followers we managed to raise £345!

As I crossed the finish line (via the monkey bars – the first time since I was about 9 years old!!) I couldn’t help but feel proud to know that one or two more people in the world may know about MND. I chose to ask for sponsorship and to raise awareness for MNDA as I know they have provided great support for my Brother-in-law John, my Sister Catherine and my two nephews Adam and Ben since John was diagnosed with MND.

I know that others took part for MNDA over the weekend and it would be great to see even more wearing blue, orange and white next year, if it helps sway your decision you get a free beer at the end!

— David Heslop

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