Walk to d’feet MND – Wylam Wagon Walk 2011

On 8 May 2011, a rather ‘changeable’ Sunday morning, 50+ volunteers of all ages and a few dogs throw in for good measure set off on a 6 mile walk along the Wylam Wagon Way and back again.

Walking to d'feet MND

We had a couple who ran the 6 miles and were back before most of us really got started!

Although it had rained quite heavily overnight it was starting to dry off nicely by 11:00am, the start time. As we started off, the children all running back and forth, the dogs were all excited and getting to know one another and the atmosphere was as bright as the sun which had made a welcome appearance. However, this was not to last and after everyone had been lulled into a false sense of security, it started to rain, just a few spots at first then the heavens opened and to be honest we could not have got any wetter if we had jumped into the River Tyne we walking along!!! This did not dampen our spirits though and we all made it to the half way point at Wylam Riverside Park.

We had planned at this point to have a picnic lunch! However we decided against this! Although we were as wet as wet can be, it did not dampen the enthusiasm and with ice creams, sandwiches and drinks in hand we turned round and started back.

As luck would have it about 2 miles from home the rain stopped and the sun came out! We were all just about dried off (well enough to get in the car and drive home!) by the time the end came in sight. I am glad to say that everyone made it and we lost no one (well not permanently anyway!) and everyone seemed to enjoy the walk despite the weather.

We don’t have a final total yet so watch this space, all money collected is going to the local branch of the Motor Neurone Disease Association. This money is used to help people living with MND and their families in the North East of England.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated and who sponsored us walkers.


Marian Dent

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