Wylam Wagon Way Sponsored Walk – 2014

On the 18th May 2014 we set out on our 4th annual Walk to D’feet from Newburn Riverside Park to Wylam (and back).

For the second year running we were blessed with beautiful sunshine for this 6 mile walk.


As it was a lovely day the wagon way was being well used by other walkers and cyclists which meant eyes in the back of your head would have been a good thing as not many of the cyclist seemed to own a bell or a voice!

Despite this one very kind man got off his bike and donated £5 towards our fundraising efforts! A BIG thank you to our mystery cyclist!!


There was a very good atmosphere as we set off and after stopping for a picnic at Wylam it took some rousing and encouragements to get back on our feet to complete the walk back.


Despite the heat we all including the children and dogs made it back in good time.

Our sponsor total so far stands at £777.00, will keep you informed of the total in the next issue of the newsletter.

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