Wylam Wagon Way Sponsored Walk – Sunday 14 June

It was that time of year again for the MND Tyne & Wear Branch annual Walk to D’feet MND. This year it was on the 14th June 2015 at the usual venue along the Wagon Way from Newburn to Wylam.

It was lovely to see a lot of familiar faces on the walk, pictured are a couple of regulars who have done the walk every year and they keep bringing their owners along as well!!

Wylam Wagon Way 2015

The weather wasn’t as kind this year and we had a bit of a damp start but it did stay dry most of the time! However, are spirits were lifted by the presence of the People Mission Junior Silver Band who played some uplifting tunes during our lunch break, many of the band joined in on the walk as well!

Our sponsorship total so far stands at £1244.26. We will update you about the grand total in the next issue. Pictures from the walk have been posted in our gallery.

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